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Bitcoin rebounds due to receding default concerns, 3 backgrounds that change the tide

OBN 29 May 2023
On the other hand, Wu Blockchain, who is familiar with the situation in China, said that Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood was involved in the proposal for Web3 and blockchain, but said, “The white paper is not cryptocurrency itself, but artificial intelligence (AI) and ...

Weekly cryptocurrency news | Binance’s service guide for Japan attracts attention, Japanese government strengthens tracking ...

OBN 28 May 2023
table of contents This week’s news ranking Market news ranking Virtual Currency/Blockchain Industry News ... Bitcoin has been struggling at the neckline for some time, but the negative line from the previous day showed that buyers were exhausted, and the technical situation deteriorated.

Fantom Affected as $1.8B Worth of Assets Have Been Locked on Multichain

Crypto Economy 26 May 2023
The ongoing situation surrounding the blockchain platform, Multichain, has been stirring up increased fear, uncertainty, and doubt within the world of digital currency ... The ongoing situation with Multichain has sent shivers down the spine of the crypto market, and more than $1.8 billion in assets have been frozen.

Top 7 Healthcare Decentralized Projects: Most Significant Use Cases and Key Challenges

Cryptopolitan 26 May 2023
In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, decentralization, and blockchain technology are emerging as potent forces of transformation ... In this Cryptopolitan guide, we dive into the seven pioneering healthcare decentralized projects, explore the most significant use cases of blockchain in healthcare, and discuss the key challenges.
Edit CEO says there’s never been ‘as high a chance’ of US default, while Tether ...

Cryptoslate 25 May 2023
Executives from Tether and both commented on the U.S ... Tether is not at risk, CTO says ... CEO comments on US default. Though Ardoino is confident that the crypto industry can survive a default, others have more limited optimism toward the situation. CEO Peter Smith said during the 2023 Qatar Economic Forum. ... .

Squid and Axelar announce integration with Filecoin Virtual Machine

CryptoNewsZ 25 May 2023
Squid has announced its plans to integrate with Filecoin Virtual Machine, also known as FVM ... The integration is also crucial because the implementation of the same mechanism is not possible on normal blockchains ... FVM’s integration with Squid and Axelar is a game-changer in a win-win situation ... Tags. Blockchain News ... May 25, 2023 ....

Binance hosts global celebrations in honor of 'Bitcoin Pizza Day'

Manila Bulletin 23 May 2023
"At Binance, we believe in the importance of mass adoption, and we are committed to creating more and more use cases for crypto in everyday situations. As more people recognize the value and potential of blockchain and crypto, our community grows stronger, and we continue to build our industry." ... .

Xrp Classic Making Progress in Closed Beta Testing of Forward-Thinking Blockchain Classic Chain!

LB News 19 May 2023
We are here with exciting news! Working on the blockchain, Xrp Classic is nearing the end of their blockchain, which they call Classic Chain ... In the Proof of Authority protocol, users who verify transaction blocks on the blockchain use their identities and reputations instead of using and staking cryptocurrency assets to validate transactions.

Binance Hosts Global Celebrations in Honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day

The Daily Hodl 18 May 2023
At Binance, we believe in the importance of mass adoption, and we are committed to creating more and more use cases for crypto in everyday situations. “As more people recognize the value and potential of blockchain and crypto, our community grows stronger, and we continue to build our industry.”.

“The Future Looks Bright”: Winston Baker CEO Amy Baker on 15 Years of Community Spirit, ...

The Hollywood Reporter 18 May 2023
Winston Baker also started covering such topics as music and the merging of entertainment and technology via blockchain, Web3 and the metaverse ... And now we have really interesting conversations on Web3, the metaverse and blockchain technology ... And afterwards people would keep sending messages about Web3 and blockchain technology.
photo: Creative Commons
Gold round Bitcoin coins on US Dollar banknotes

Bitcoin Set for a Deeper Correction

FX Empire 17 May 2023
Due to the hype around BRC-20 and Ordinals tokens, the average transaction fee on the blockchain rose from $2.5 last year to $16.08 at the peak. The situation is to the benefit of Bitcoin miners, who are getting more commission on transactions than from mining for the fifth time in history (6.25 BTC), Glassnode noted.

Next Crypto Market Maker in the Middle East, Blockchain Insiders

Coin Edition 15 May 2023
The hosts observe that both Binance and Coinbase are situated in the region. Singapore also suggested as a possibility, citing its capital and capital markets. Blockchain insiders speculate that the next crypto market maker will appear in the Middle East.

Cardano-Powered DeFi Platform Empowa Takes on Africa’s Housing Crisis

Goldario 13 May 2023
... the potential of blockchain technology to radically transform the situation.

Ripple plans to spread its presence further in Dubai

CryptoNewsZ 09 May 2023
Ripple, which is undoubtedly an absolute top-of-the-line enterprise blockchain, along with being a provider of crypto solutions, is going all out to increase its footprint in the city of Dubai ... This entity is a global blockchain-oriented financial services technology organization that is situated in the Middle East as well as Africa.

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